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She's going to have to deal with a bunch of the other people that are above her on that. Watching it all go down around the pool that night, the other women all seemed to enjoy the conversation and join in, with a few notable exceptions.She's going to have to deal with the quote-unquote industry that in her mind loves her so much over that. But the next day, when in front of your wife, they really tried to pass the buck.It was an ugly sight, with the other ladies joining in to pile on with speculation over Kenya's insistence that "for the last 10 years, there have been pervasive rumors about Kim's husband.""They call him Chrissy," she said to much laughter.We weren't that cool with it when we wrote about it at the time. Breaking his silence for the first time since the fiasco aired last month, Chris spoke exclusively with E! What follows is our unedited conversation, wherein Chris has some particularly choice words for Ms. I wanted to start off by asking what this whole experience has been like. It has been fun to watch my wife and I interact from a fly-on-the-wall perspective.A Few years later she had a love affair with Christopher Morgan who is also an actor. As a married couple, they have already welcomed two children together and both are sons and their names are Quincy and Sebastian. She made her acting debut with Kim Fields was from the upper middle class family born as Kim Victoria Fields in New York City, New York, United States of America to Chip Fields and Erv Hurd. Then the following year, she appeared in the television series, Baby, I'm Back.Till now, she has appeared in more than two dozens of movies and television series.How have you and Kim navigated those relationships now that you've watched the scene and seen how it really went down?

I'm just going to jump right into it: Kenya made some pretty serious allegations that night around the pool. What's your response to what Kenya had to say that night? When someone spreads lies about you, you can either go at them in a defensive manner and be seen as defensive, or you can just let a lie be a lie. You know, if that's the way she wanted to play it, that's the way she's gonna play it. Number one: Obviously I'd been in this situation before when the situation happened the first time. The people that are watching the show will have to see. The bottom line with that is, I'll be completely honest, if the shoe was on the other foot and somebody spread a rumor like that about my spouse, they don't really get back on the Christmas list for a couple years. Some of them she means, and some of them she doesn't. Now, speaking specifically to this point, again, being in the industry that I'm in, being the person that I am, without judgements on anyone's personal life, I have a lot of people in my life, a lot of friends in my life, a lot of colleagues in my life that are homosexuals. I know that they were offended by the statements made.

You've not only lived through all this, but you've then had to watch it back on TV and relive it all over again. We have a very funny banter and sometimes when you're just living it, you can take it for granted. It's funny to go back and be able to watch it over and over again and hear some of the things she's said and go, ‘My god, that's brilliant.

That just came rolling off of her tongue.' It's hysterical to me. There were all kind of rumors about me because nobody knew who this guy was dating, and eventually marrying, Kim Fields.

Young Artist Awards winner, Kim Fields is the famous singer, actress and television director from the United States.

As an actress, she is popular for portraying her role in the television series like The Facts of Life and Living Single.

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I think you should have the opportunity to, and I think Kim has taken the opportunity that is given right now to expand the way television is expanding. I was wondering how much of the show your kids have seen. But if they're on the screen and Sebastian actually has a line or Quincy chirps up with one of his cute little statements or words, then they get to see that. I know if she was willing, if she really wanted to do it again, then I would be in the same place I was before we started this year, which is really to support her in everything she does.