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What if the person on the other end provided them something better than a quickie in the parking lot or men's room — something like eternal life and freedom from bondage through Jesus Christ our Lord?

What if we started toothing in church or youth group or at an evangelistic crusade?

She’s referring to a phone call she got a few months ago from local arts writer Kinsee Morlan then of “The establishment sees us as a threat because we’re not part of their small, tight circle of cronies,” Zogo says.

“We make them nervous because we’re telling the truth about what’s been going on in the San Diego art community.” Zogo’s claims that a handful of elite, local arts organizations, not least among them San Diego Art Institute, keep philanthropic and government money away from struggling artists.

Compared to my dad I'm a technical genius with an IQ of 180.

Then I read about 'toothing' and ZOGO and I realize I just know how to turn the phone on and off and answer calls, and my IQ is still only about 80.

At the time, she was on maternity leave, holding her newborn in one arm, her cell phone in the other hand, all while trying to tend to her upset two-year-old.

She says Zogo demands immediate attention when she decides on a plan. “I mean, come on, you can’t expect me to just drop everything because you sent an email.

Springs is the executive director for the City of San Diego’s Commission for Arts and Culture.

“They do almost nothing to help the larger community of artists,” Zogo continues.

“Why aren’t they out front shouting from the rooftops, ‘Give the old library to artists! ” If Morlan and Springs won’t shout from the rooftops, Zogo will and is doing just that — at least figuratively.

Even if her organization’s plans for the old library aren’t adopted by the city, she’s already shaken San Diego’s arts establishment up.

Morlan bristled at being lumped in as part of the establishment, noting that she works at an alternative weekly— “the very definition of antiestablishment.” “Everyone knows the community wants art and educational opportunities in East Village,” says Morlan.

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We want the surrounding neighborhood to be part of our vision too.” United Artists of San Diego’s proposal is now before Civic San Diego, the city’s quasi-governmental nonprofit organization overseeing redevelopment of the nearly 145,000-square-foot former central library building.

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